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High Quality
Get production-ready captions. Precision timing. UX optimized captions. Comply with strict FCC guidelines.
Speed up your workflow. Captions ready in minutes. Efficient tools proven to streamline your workflow. Parallel process projects to expand your capacity.
Enterprise access. Real time collaboration. Distributed workforce.
Scalable cloud-based infrastructure to meet demand.
Skip countless hours of manual effort and save money. No up-front commitments. Pay-as-you-go or volume discounts.

Edit Captions

SyncWords Pro Caption Editor is a complete caption authoring tool for the professional broadcast captioner, but easy enough for anyone to use. This tool is AI powered, cloud based and production-ready.
  • Easily view & edit captions overlaid on your video
  • Change format and styling
  • Split or merge captions
  • Adjust caption timing
  • Easily adjust caption placement
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Powerful Caption Automation

Time Stamping
Precision word-level synchronization & timing driven by our proprietary AI. Industry leading accuracy.
Captions optimized for readability & quality standards for excellent user experience.
Automated Speech Recognition
Best of breed speech recognition creates transcripts automatically to save time.
Machine Translation
SyncWords supports automated translation in Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and more.
Automated Caption Placement
Proprietary vision-AI automatically places captions to avoid overlap with meaningful text & graphics.
Framerate & Timecode Detection
Smart detection of media framerate, burned in, slate or embedded SMPTE timecodes

Export to Multiple Caption & Subtitle Formats

We generate most popular formats related to broadcast, web and OTT delivery. That includes formats like SCC, SRT, VTT & IMSC. Generate any number of caption or subtitle files without any additional cost. You give us your media and let SyncWords take care of the rest. Don’t see an output you need? Let us know and we would be happy to create a custom output for you.

Streamline your Delivery Workflow

Create and use our intelligent presets to apply advanced settings to your captions in one simple step. These include characters per line, minimum and maximum caption duration, reading rate and much more.

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