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SyncWords is a professional cloud-based solution offering live & on-demand AI captioning, subtitling, and dubbing in 100+ languages. Through truly unique and innovative products, we empower global audiences with more accessible and inclusive video content.
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SyncWords' cutting-edge technology for live and on-demand AI captions, subtitles and dubbing for live streaming, live events, OTT, broadcast

What we do

We bring together experts from broadcast, live streaming, and machine learning to help create a transformative viewing experience for international audiences. With advanced generative artificial intelligence and automation developed in-house, all aspects of live and on-demand media captioning and translation are now covered.

Who we are

SyncWords' goal is to offer disruptive technology based on continuous innovation and system upgrades in its AI captioning, subtitling, and dubbing solutions for live and pre-recorded video content.

With an API-driven platform, proprietary patent-pending translation technology, and advanced integrations, SyncWords is the first in the industry to offer multiple delivery options for real-time captions, subtitles, and voice translations, thus marking a significant milestone for the live-streaming industry.

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Catering to content creators and event organizers, enterprise customers and SMBs, broadcasters, OTT platforms, live streaming vendors, houses of worship, educational institutions, and governmental organizations; SyncWords strives to provide a user-friendly experience for all.


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"Fast and professional. We were hugely impressed by their ability to deliver on such a tight timeline and found the platform and app were intuitive. We are excited by the possibilities."

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"Real pleasure! SyncWords ensured our complex event which stretched over several time zones and required multiple breakaway rooms went flawless and was well attended. The support team was incredible allowing us to test and check all technology in advance. We look forward to working with you again.

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Our experts are trusted by majorlive event platforms, broadcast networks, caption and translation service providers, as well aseducation and corporate clients.
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SyncWords' co-founder - Ashish Shah
Ashish Shah
Co-founder & CEO
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SyncWords' co-founder - Sam Cartsos
Sam Cartsos
Co-founder & CPO
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SyncWords' co-founder - Alex Dubinsky
Alex Dubinsky
Co-founder & CTO
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Are you an organization looking for a live or on-demand video localization partner? SyncWords answers the need of enhanced inclusivity while meeting accessibility regulations worldwide.
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